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Development and Support for Educational Technology and K-20 Online Learning Policy and Practice

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About Us
Dr. Robert Blomeyer is an educational technology researcher, teacher educator and nationally recognized expert on K-20 online teaching and learning policy and practice.
Dr. Blomeyer has managed and contributed to research and development projects examining the integration of technology in teacher education programs, meta-analysis research projects examining the “effects” of school and classroom technology use on students’ academic performance, online instructional development projects, and research projects examining online learning in mid-level and high school programs.

Our speciality is program evaluations for the purpose of improving the performance of K-20 online teaching and learning programs. We also support developing and managing professional development for preparing online teachers and leadership for online teaching and learning programs.

Evaluation Methods

Qualitative program evaluation methods and evaluation theory; studied evaluation theory and practice with Prof. Robert E. Stake. (ret.), UIUC

Leadership and Support for Effective Online Learning

Experience collaborating with SEAs, Intermediate Agencies and LEA’s to implement, improve and institutionalize K-12 online learning projects in K-20 public and private schools.